Sauna SuitThere are many people debating and wondering do sauna suits work for fat loss. But the question they should be asking themselves is will they use them if they decide to get them. Many people get products daily looking for a quick fix and after wearing & using them for a couple of days quit using them altogether.  First thing to think about when ever you’re thinking of starting a fitness regimen is will I go through it, will I give one hundred percent. If you second guess yourself and say maybe tomorrow or next week then you’re not ready. Many people who depend on weight loss products for instant results should gut check themselves and realize that results don’t come over night nor do they come without hard work.

So getting to the question do sauna suits work for weight loss, of course they do. These exercise suits work very well when implemented into a weight loss or exercise program correctly. First of all when ever you decide to get one, you should figure out which one fits your fitness needs the best because not all are created equal. Some suits are equipped with plastic or vinyl only and some come with the features of compression and resistance. First and foremost let’s get to the basics of exercise and dieting to get a better understanding of how things work when it comes to weight loss.

The first thing you should know is without a proper diet there will be no weight loss even if you workout every single day. When it comes to dieting you must know your daily caloric intake requirements so that you get the proper nutrition that your body needs to function through out the day. Eating small well portioned meals every three hours based on your caloric needs will jump start your metabolism. By doing this, the body has to work twice as hard to break down what it takes in.

When trying to lose weight cardio or aerobics is the way to go. These types of exercises should be done the most in your fitness regimens. Any cardio related exercises that cause mass oxygen intake burns fat. When it comes to sculpting your body resistance training is a no brainer and should be included in all fitness regimens. Resistance training is the key to getting the body you need because muscle burns fat as well. This happens because the more muscle or definition you gain the more calories will be expended.

Now that you have the basics on exercise and dieting lets get back to the question, do sauna suits work. First you need to know how they work. Many people know them as weight loss or sweat suits because they make you sweat profusely during exercise. Most people who wear these suits swear by them and also claim that they’ve lost weight in just one session .This is true, you do lose weight but its only water weight. Sweat suits work only as a quick fix by riding the body of fluids not fats.

But as stated earlier not all are created equal. Vinyl or plastic sweat suits only serve one purpose and that is to cleanse the body of any toxins or to rid the body or water retention. Suits that come with multiple features such as compression and resistance are better. Compression helps to stabilize muscles and decrease shaking or impact that can result in micro damage to the muscles and aids in recovery.

Any sauna suit that has features of resistance or compression is ranked top of the line fitness apparel. Resistance is the deceleration of movements caused by prime movers therefore increasing functional strength as well as muscle tone. Compression accelerates recover after workouts. To sum things up, the next time you’re wondering do sauna suits work for fat loss the answer is yes, it all depends on how you use them in your health and fitness program and most importantly if you’re going to use them if you get them.



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